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Welcome Divine Friends

We’re here to live a life we love, simple truth isn’t it? If you want even more to love, keep reading.

For each of us the journey of discovery to living a life we love is filled with events, ideas and emotions.

We all need support along the way and people are brought together for times and seasons in life, to share significant encounters of the journey.

Relationships are our primary means of learning about our self and each other. We have opportunities to grow and heal, gain wisdom and insight, support and encourage one another plus most importantly, love and have fun.

You matter, your well being, relationships and life’s journey are important. I can assist by facilitating the evolutionary process towards achieving your dreams and desires. I offer my guidance, gifts and abilities to Live a Life you Love… 

When booking a reading, I will try to find a day and time to suit you. Know that making time for you + being present (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) is the highest importance for you to get the most from your reading… 

Illuminating Reading

A$120 ~60mins

They Say…

  • Claire (WA)
  • Sandy (QLD)
  • Steve (WA)

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