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Introducing Jeanie

With decades of accurate psychic, mystical, clairvoyant, spiritual and healing experiences that can’t be ignored. 

Evidencing the loving Source from which we all come, we are all a part of and to which we all return in the continuing of eternity.

Genuinely passionate about people, open to Spirit and understanding these gifts are to fulfill my life’s purpose.

Find comfort in the assurance that who you’re engaging with is trustworthy, sensitive and capable. 

They Say…

  • Carol (NSW)
  • Anthony (NY)
  • Claire (WA)

You’ll Encounter

A Divine child of the Universe, born a daughter, sister, twin and a multi-generational psychic with obvious gifts of clairvoyance, audience, sentience and psychometry. She’s loving fully, connected to all, intrinsically understanding the power of love. Spirit filled, naturally meditative and mindful, open to the journey of enlightenment in all its forms. Seeker and speaker of truth and light, enriched by the depth of wisdom and compassion available. Traveler on the journey of life, traversing exotic places in the quest for Divine experience. Healing channel of light and love to herself and all that are open to receive the blessing of Grace. Spiritual Guide, Mystic, Reiki Master, Counselor, Facilitator, Pastoral-Palliative Carer and more!

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