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Discovering Possibilities

Be inspired and intentional to hear from Spirit in your life today.

I genuinely love people and have an amazing ability to see, hear and sense what words sometimes can’t convey. There’s no real way to express how sacred this experience is and from this place of grace and gratitude I fulfill my destiny by sharing the innate gifts I have so delightfully received. Delivering messages in a way that’s intuitive, caring, sensitive, speaking with integrity, love and respect.

When making a booking, I will try to find a day and time to suit you. Know that making time for you + being present (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) is the highest importance for you to get the most from your opportunity… 


Bookings by appointment, in person (Perth) or online via interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger, Skype), mobile etc. If you’re open to Spirit and seeking something more, I’m here for you, let’s do this together, it’s time for discovering possibilities!

Illuminating Reading

A$120 (~60 mins)

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Indulge yourself with insight into the major areas of life: you; your home; your relationships; your study, work or business; and your future. Past, present, future and Divine influence for all these areas is revealed.

Spirit shares expansive messages to spark your awareness, nurturing your evolution, you’ll receive what’s most valuable for you now.

You can enjoy clarity, enhanced understanding, new possibilities, personal empowerment, liberating choices, healing, confirmation, grace and love to embrace life in a new way. 

If you’re ready to hear the messages Spirit wishes to convey to you, choose to be Illuminated!

Energising Reading

A$120 (~60 mins)

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This unique reading opens your chakras and offers Spirit messages about your energy centers. Reiki will flow into your chakras and wherever your body needs it most.

Balanced chakras bring vitality, health and positivity to life: 1st secure, grounded, balanced; 2nd open, intimate, passionate; 3rd at ease, positive self esteem; 4th friendly, compassionate, harmonious; 5th self expressed, speak your truth; 6th intuitive, insightful, perceptive; 7th conscious, unprejudiced, aware.

If you’d like to re-align your chakras, plus get healing and guidance for your whole being, make this time for you!

Inspiring Reading

A$60 (~30 mins)

Secure PayPal Transfer

Showing past, present and immediate future with a likely outcome or result, to one question or situation.

Maybe you’re thinking about a relationship, contemplating study, pursuing a new job, have a situation or plans you’d like insight about.

This offers you clarity in understanding influencing energies and what the Universe wants you to be aware of at this time. As your cards reveal, Spirit guidance empowers you to choose, adapt and pursue your heart’s desires.

If there’s one thing you want guidance for that’s happening now or in the near future, choose to be inspired!

They Say…

  • Louise (VIC)
  • Jill (WA)
  • Philip (WA)

Live a Life you Love…

Know there’s a reason you’re here, which you can trust. Spirit is ever present, gently encouraging, assisting us on our life’s journey.

Make the most of your opportunity, choose a reading and do it for you!

Remember, you matter so make a time + be present (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) as it’s of the highest importance for you to get the most from this opportunity… 


Readings are in person (Perth) or via interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger, Skype), mobile phone call or emailed reading notes. Bookings by appointment, any special requests feel free to contact me, I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Realise your dreams to Live a Life you Love…

Divine Personal Gifts

These gift vouchers are unlike any other gift: caring, intimate, showing thoughtfulness and generosity.

An awesome way to show the value of relationship, a unique gift, a bespoke luxury for sharing. 

Filled with creative possibility, contributing to the well being, happiness and success of your loved one : )  

A personal gift voucher, addressed to your loved one, from you. Created in digital format, making gift giving a simple pleasure so you can relish the delight of giving! Any special requests feel free to ask.

Select your preferred reading, once your choice and payment is made, Jeanie will confirm the details of the gift voucher and it will be sent to you via email or sms.

Illuminating Reading

Gift Voucher A$120

Energising Reading

Gift Voucher A$120

Inspiring Reading

Gift Voucher A$60

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